Brad Burton – Attitudes and ‘being you’

In our first episode we interview best selling author, motivational speaker, business owner and all round good guy, Brad Burton. Brad talks to us about the earlier days of his career and finding happiness. Please don’t forget to email the show with questions for our next guest on


The Why, How & When of The First Million


We’re bringing you this podcast for one reason. To help you get better, faster. As business owners ourselves we are constantly questioning the decisions we’re taking on a day to day basis. Join us as we interview the heavy hitters of different industries who help answer the questions that face you on a daily basis, knowing they have been through what you’re going through.


We visit sucessful business owners and question them about the early days of their careers. Asking questions that you won’t find in self help books, we aim to get the answers that you need to help drive your business to the next level, and put you on track to that first million.


Every week a new episode of THE FIRST MILLION will be released. A new business owner, a new set of questions, a new story, a new path for you to consider.

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